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Xiaomi’s Thinner-Than-iPhone TV Is The Answer To LG Signature OLED

xiaomi mi tv 4

Xiaomi’s done it again! The Chinese company managed to release another outstanding product in both size and price. The MI TV 4 is definitely something to look at but can it compete with this year’s CES favorite, the LG Signature W7? Let’s see! #objectmagic

First of all, size matters more and more in the world of consumer electronics. That fact is undeniable; while LG boasts the slimmest OLED display ever, Xiaomi compared theirs with an iPhone (the size standard in the smartphone industry). LG Signature is 2.57mm thin nearly all over, while the Mi TV 4 is 4.9 mm wide at its thinnest point. If you’re all for paper-thin displays, we know who wins this round.

xiaomi tv stand

Then you have mounting options. Mi TV 4 comes with a transparent stand that allows you to install in your living room furniture. The LG one, though, is wallpaper-thin so it can only be mounted on the wall with the use of magnetic strips. Of course, both companies left out ports and speakers to make this design a reality. The LG left HDMI and USB ports in a separate Dolby Atmos soundbar, connected to the display with a cable. Xiaomi’s TV has the same, separate soundbar AND motherboard, since it has a modular design. 

xiaomi tv bar

Indeed, the Mi TV 4 allows customers to replace only some parts of the whole configuration when they broke down, instead of forcing them to buy another TV. Coming back to the soundbar, it’s a Dolby Atmos-compatible one with 3D surround sound plus 10 speakers, 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer. In this area, Xiaomi’s solution is more adaptable and generous to the average user.

LG’s main differentiation point is the OLED display, a technology that transmits image beautifully, especially with the four types of HDR support included. Mi TV 4 is set apart by the AI-driven system PatchWall UI. This addition retains viewers preferences and makes smart recommendations for them.

Finally, LG OLED W7 comes in two sizes – 65-inch and 77-inch – at the price of $8000. Xiaomi’s product is far cheaper – $2000 at the most -, will be available in three sizes (45, 55 and 65-inches) but is only going to sell in China.

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