You Will Feel Like A Jedi When Magic Leap Brings C-3PO and R2-D2 In Your House

Magic Leap hasn’t shipped an actual product yet, but it keeps releasing teasers of their technology. This time, they teamed up with Lucasfilm and its ILMxLAB to deliver something almost no one can refuse: a Star Wars experience in our livingrooms #realitymagic

What does that mean? Not just a general view of Tatooine or the Death Star, but walking, talking droids. Yes, the clumsy C-3PO and grumpy R2-D2. Those dudes will make themselves comfortable in your house, as in the movie. You can see in the demo above how Magic Leap technology projects them in a boring, office environment. ILMxLAB’s John Gaeta has stated that they used just a standard digital camera and Magic Leap hardware to make the clip.

Although no post-processing was involved in the making of the video, the two droids look extremely realistic and they’re depicted with detail.

How would C-3PO contribute to your daily tasks? As a loyal, mixed reality assistant, of course. You wouldn’t feel a difference between the movie character and the projection, because both the guys who built the Star Wars universe and the ones from Skywalker Sound are involved in the project.

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