10 Reasons Why iOS 10 Will Make You Excited For This Fall

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iOS has finally reached its tenth big upgrade and Apple has spared no effort to make fans more addicted to the operating system. Officially presented at the Apple keynote in San Francisco, the new OS is worth your time for these 10 reasons:

  1. Messages get rich links, meaning your YouTube links or Apple Music tracks will play right in line. Not only do emojis get bigger, but you get to make your own when you use “emojifiable” words. Also, you’ll be able to go from small to big type and see all sorts of animations called “bubble effects”.
  2. Phone voicemails get transcriptions so you can preview the audio message without having to listen to it. Also, the software will be able to detect unknown callers that are just spammers.
  3. Apple Home will manage and control all your connected accessories around the house. You will find HomeKit directly into Control Center, where it’s easier to access.
  4. News will allow in-app subscriptions (yey!) and breaking news notifications.
  5. Apple Music gets a complete redesign and a lyrics addition, for those of you who like to know what you’re humming to in the street.
  6. Maps gets several improvements with a cleaner UI, traffic information, suggestions as in restaurant locations but also alternative routes and the time you save taking them. Also, it’s open to developers.
  7. Photos will now offer search and sorting after object and scene detection.
  8. Siri makes more intelligent suggestions based on current location, contact information, recent addresses. It’s also open for developers.
  9. Widgets for apps (thanks to 3D Touch expansion on the home screenmeans you can engage with certain apps without needing to open them up.
  10. Raise to wake feature helps you see notification and updates with a mere lifting off the phone. #softwaremagic

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