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18 Year-Old Builds Modular Drone That Flies Up To 70mph


George Matus is only 18, yet he’s the proud inventor of the fastest production drone made in USA. Teal is a modular quadcopter that flies at 70 miles per hour and has a supercomputer at board to handle machine learning technologies #actionmagic

Matus spent the last seven years of his life flying drones, racing and thinking about making one himself. At age 14, he did just that but until now, he hadn’t been able to take everything he loved about them and pour it into a dream come true.

Teal seems to be that dream made reality, a modular drone that can fly up to 70 mph and withstand 40mph winds. It also comes with its own operating system that can run as many apps as you’d like, an electronically stabilized 13MP camera and the ability to record 4K video.

You can control Teal with your iOS or Android phone or with a normal radio controller. If you lose an arm, the drone will still be able to function properly thanks to its modular design. Also, this means it can be further developed with specialized arms to take care of specific tasks. Even the top section can be modified to accommodate thermal imaging or a secondary camera. 

As for the inside computer we were mentioning earlier, it’s all Nvidia’s doing. The Jetson TX1 quad-core processor from the company will help Teal learn paths and characteristics. At launch, the drone comes with apps for flight control, Follow-Me mode and racing against other pilots.

Before you go and pre-order it from the site, you should know the battery can make your quadcopter last in the air just 10 minutes and it retails for no less than $1,299.

You’ve been warned…

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