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Out Of The Tennis Court, You Can Use The Balls As Speakers


If you’re an amateur tennis player or even pro (congrats!), you’re going to love the idea behind these wireless speakers. A London-based company has thought of re-purposing the tennis balls usually thrown after Grand Slam tournaments in portable, quality gadgets #objectmagic

Rogue Projects is working on making all those discarded tennis balls be of use once more, this time as functioning, wireless speakers. Called hearO, they are equipped with 3-watt, Bluetooth 4.0 speakers, inserted through holes made at one side. Those are then covered with plastic grills in a Fibonacci pattern that should improve the sound. The interior rubber is also helpful, in the sense that it absorbs excess vibration and enhances sound clarity.

At the other side of the ball, there’s a on/off button that pairs it with any BT-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer. Every device comes with a charging pad too, that has a 360-degree magnetic connection. Count on one charge for 5 hours of music or 2-3 hours at full volume.

What about the price? Every tennis speaker is about $60 (or £45) but you can get a “special edition”, too. 



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