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2,500 TikTokers Take To The Streets For Birthday Party, Almost 150 Arrested

Remember flash mobs? They’re still a thing and now, thanks to TikTok, bigger than ever.

Around 2,500 TikTokers took to the streets of Huntington Beach, California last weekend, for an epic birthday party that saw almost 150 of them arrested.

A viral video called “Adrian’s Birthday Kickback” prompted thousands of TikTokers to gather in Northern California, some of them from out of state, and shenanigans obviously ensued.



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The video in question had over 234 million views at the time of the event and now is getting closer to 300 million, so it’s no wonder that 2,500 people answered the invitation.

By 7:00 pm, most of them made their way at the kickback location, a lifeguard tower, and the roof almost started collapsing under the weight of a few party goers.

The police declared an unlawful assembly and were forced to instate an emergency curfew for 11:30 pm to break up the impromptu party.

After the event, 149 TikTokers were arrested, with 29 of them being underraged.

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2,500 TikTokers Take To The Streets For Birthday Party, Almost 150 Arrested
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