3 Issues LG’s Roll-Up Display Has To Solve Soon


Everyone’s been talking about LG’s roll-up-like-a-newspaper displays shown for the first time at CES, this year. With a full HD display, a resolution of 1,200 by 810 pixels and the potential of sizing it at 55 inch, it seemed to good to be true… and it was.

At recent tests, the OLED screen (Organic, flexible) showed its flaws pretty quickly. Yes, it may be genius for cramped spaces, where you want a temporary TV that can be stored with your yoga mat, but it’s still a working project. LG has remained quiet on a possible release date and price, since they know there are issues easily traceable by any tech enthusiast:

  1. Dead pixels. This is the most serious problem LG is facing right now. After playing around with the screen, Dave Lee from BBC News discovered damaged tiny squares that can’t emit light anymore. The more you bend it, the less you see.
  2. You can’t fold it flat. Roll it all you want, but you’ll never get it in envelope shape; that is, unless you want to ruin a pretty unique piece of technology.
  3. It’s bendable in one direction. Well, you could try the other way around, but circuits won’t resist the pressure.

Dead pixels are harder to “straighten out” but you could do without the envelope shaped and bi-directional bending. At the end of the day, we’re talking about a foldable TV or a video newspaper as light as the paper one – pretty fantastic, right?


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