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LG Display Media Chair Wants To Keep You Cradled When Watching Movies

First there was the Cluvens scorpion chair with all the entertainment one could want, now LG is picking up the dream of a complete entertainment station.

For CES 2022, LG revealed the LG Display Media Chair, a concept that looks great if you spend a lot of time watching movies or TV shows.

The Media Chair is made of a reclining chair and a rotating curved 55-inch OLED TV, so you get the perfect viewing angle and the most comfortable position.

With a simple press of a button on the touchscreen control panel fitted on the armrest, the TV can rotate between portrait and landscape.

lg media chair

The good news is that, despite the LG Media Chair being a concept, the company does have plans to bring it to market.

LG Display told The Verge that they are working with a Korean massage chair company to bring this Media Chair to life.

“It’s being commercialized by them, they’re going to sell it,” spokesperson Matthew Weigand tells The Verge.

The model revealed for CES doesn’t have massagers yet but it does feature speakers embedded in the chair, plus the LG Display Cinematic Sound tech, which vibrates the screen to produce audio.

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LG Display Media Chair Wants To Keep You Cradled When Watching Movies
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