hologram elephant at circus roncalli by davide bertuccio

Cruelty-free Circuses Replace Animals with Holograms

Circus animals are still an unfortunate reality but, thanks to hologram technology, they could soon become a thing of the past even in places where legislation doesn’t officially ban them.

A report from MSN showcases Circus Roncalli, which uses holograms to create cruelty-free circus shows, and mentions other companies who have moved away from live animals, including the French L’Ecocirque.

From the report:

“The holographic figures are custom-built for the circus using 3D animations, photography and virtual rendering. The system of 11 digital laser projectors positioned around the stage flash animations onto a circular net hoisted up for each performance. The entire light show is operated by one person, and it takes about 10 people to take down the metallic netting to make room for the other performers, including acrobats, clowns and dancers.”

The report features multiple shots from Circus Roncalli’s high-tech show, taken by photographer Davide Bertuccio , who attended one of the performances in late 2022.

Circus Roncalli is among the first cruelty-free circuses in the world, giving up live animal performances since the 90s. In 2019, they switched to the holograms you can see above.

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Cruelty-free Circuses Replace Animals with Holograms
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