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3D Suit Explores Digital Connections Through Heartbeats

Performance artist Tiffany Trenda made a 3D costume that lets her assert any member of the audience’ pulse, before trying to synchronize it with her own, on an digital screen. The entire process is meant to make us wonder when do physical connection end and where do digital ones begin. #objectmagic

Bird-inspired 3D printed costume allows Trenda to connect with the viewers in a remarkable way. Called “Ubiquitous States”, the suit has an integrated screen that shows the artist’s heart rate and ECG sensors located in the fingertips of the gloves that receive and monitor the state of the participant’s pulse.

After Trenda gets in touch with the participant, he/she can listen to the artist’s heartbeat with headphones and see it on the screen, as a colorful animation. On the other hand, once the suit picks up the pulse, that person’s heartbeat will appear on the display, also. Flowing one next to the other, it appears the two hear rates sync, creating a change in animation and making the performance interactive.

Through synchronization, two strangers connect in the most unexpected way, helped by technology. We come to the question asked by Tiffany herself:

“We’re downloading, texting, interacting everywhere, at any point and any time; can we measure these new emotional connections digitally?” 

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