This Foot Motion Controller Wants to Improve Your PSVR Experience

3D rudder controller

This summer, your PSVR experience is about to get a bit less wobbly thanks to this foot motion controller called 3dRudder.

Launched two years ago for VR users who relied on PCs for their experience, 3dRudder is now also coming to PSVR.

While this version was supposed to show up in May, the foot motion controller is now up on the official website for pre-order and shows the shipping date on June 17.

How do you use this weird looking device? Definitely don’t stand on it!
You simply sit down and use your feet to tip or swivel it, which will allow you to move in VR games.

psvr 3Drudder foot motion controller

That should free up your hands to shoot, reload or interact with in-game objects. At launch, 3dRudder will have support for these 25 PSVR games:

  • Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher
  • Undead Citadel
  • Sairento VR
  • Ultrawings VR
  • Bow to Blood
  • Pirate Flight
  • DWVR
  • The Wizards Enhanced Edition
  • Red Matter
  • Operation Warcade
  • Beat Blaster
  • Honor and Duty: D-Day
  • Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition
  • Nature Treks
  • Mind Labyrinth
  • Scraper VR
  • Affected: The Manor
  • Telefrag VR
  • TrainerVR
  • Proze
  • Darkness Roller Coaster
  • Vertigo-Home
  • Contagion VR
  • Shadow Legend
  • Blind

As for the price, the 3dRudder foot motion controller will retail at $120/€120/£120.

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