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8 Times People Tried Taking Panoramas And Failed Miserably

panorama fail

Panoramas are breathtaking… if done correctly. Capturing more of the field of view is a must-do, especially if you find yourself in a new place during your travels or out and about town at golden hour. That said, taking a wide-angle photo with stable hands is more of a challenge than meets the eye. You must have realized that already – if you tried taking one – and these panorama fails are proof of that, too #fotomagic

Moving your smartphone too quickly during capture or having shaking fingers can end in disaster when it comes to panorama shoots. Suddenly, there are two heads instead of one, one eye instead of two, a longer neck or a smaller head than the one that belongs to your subject, etcetera. The good thing about it is that the fails that ensue are hilarious and probably worth keeping in your camera roll for later laughs.

These guys certainly had their fun after creating these memorable “works of art”:

panorama goat

panorama girl

Two-legged horse?! Coming right up!

panorama horse

panorama women

This one reminds me of Cerberus – it seems myths can become reality!

panorama dogs

Yeah, dude, we’re as baffled as you…

panorama two heads

Involuntary Inception:

panorama beach

photo source: sadanduseless.com

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