A Few DJI Matrice 200 Drones Fell Out Of The Sky And No One Knows Why

A Few DJI Matrice 200 Drones Fell Out Of The Sky And No One Knows Why


After a police drone in the U.K recently experienced some in-flight issues that caused it to land on the roof of a commercial property, the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority posted a safety notice related to a number of DJI Matrice 200 drones losing power and “falling directly to the ground due to the immediate loss of lift with the remote pilot unable to control its subsequent flight path.”

DJI followed suit quite quickly, releasing a statement that the company is currently investigating the reports in question.

DJI is aware of a small number of reports involving drones in the Matrice 200 series that have lost power mid-flight. Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities. Our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently.


At the moment, there is no information concerning the exact number of drones that have experienced the issue but it seems like the machines lost power in spite of having more than sufficient battery to sustain their intended flight path. Neither of the incidents have so far caused any injuries or property damage.

For the time being, The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority is asking any drone pilots to keep them at least 50m from any people, vehicles or structures.

At the moment this article is being written, DJI is still investigating the issue and reviewing each individual case in order to find a solution. The company advised all Matrice 200 owners to use the DJI Pilot mobile app and update their aircraft firmware.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the story updates with new details.

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