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Adobe Sky Replace Automatically Chooses The Right Sky For Landscape Pictures

Adobe Sky Replace

You’ve probably gone through this at least once – your landscape photo series are just as you pictured them, except for the sky. The sky looks blown out in all of them, making you either open Photoshop and try to adjust from there or simply give up on the whole shoot. Well, Adobe has announced a much more simple solution: Adobe Sky Replace #fotomagic

Their new photo editing tool uses deep learning to get an understanding of the content of the image you upload. After the software understands the position of the sky in relation to other elements, it can replace it with another picture of a sky you provide. If the rest of the image is too dark in contrast to the new sky, Adobe Sky Replace can make automatic adjustments so that both of them convey the same feeling.

What if you don’t have time to search for appropriate sky photos online or through your library? Adobe says you can simply ask for automatic replacement and their software will suggest a couple of variants. See how it works in the video below from the Adobe MAX 2016 event:

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