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Adorable Baby Yoda Robot Will Cheer Up Sick Kids

baby yoda animatronic grant imahara

The Mandalorian gave birth to a phenomenon that took the web by storm – the adorable Baby Yoda, star of a thousand and one memes, plushies and figurines.

Now, meet Baby Yoda the robot, an incredible creation from Grant Imahara, a former MythBusters member.

Imahara used his skills as a mechanical designer to build a life-like animatronic Baby Yoda.

Now, he’s also working on adding sound, moods and reactions to the robot, so that it’s ready for an adorable adventure: touring children’s hospitals.

Imahara says that the animatronic Baby Yoda’s first visit will be in April and that he’s collaborating with other experts to make the life-like model even more aww-inducing.


Grant Imahara talked to CNET about the experience of building the Internet’s favorite baby and said he wanted to do it ever since he saw the third episode of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

“Baby Yoda is universally cute, hands down. In the few public outings we’ve had, everyone melts. He’s a happiness maker. Everything about him is designed to trigger the human nurturing instincts,” he explained. 

Hard to disagree with that!

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