AI-Generated Poems Are Now a Thing

credits: Sarah Brink/Unsplash

Recently, we told you about the published AI book regarding lithium batteries. So when it comes to machine learning, we can only be optimistic about its progress and ready for more crazy use cases – like poetry-writing AI.

Poem Portraits‘ gives you the opportunity to participate by ‘donating’ a word of your choice to a poetry-writing algorithm, trained on over 20 million words coming from 19th-century poetry.

Your word is basically integrated into an original two-line poem written by the algorithm.

If you are the “selfie type”, you can also take a picture of yourself to share alongside the poem with the help of Google’s Deep Dream processing software .

You can have a look at such a result below:

Image Credit: TechRadar / Google Arts and Culture

‘Poem Portraits’ was created by Es Devlin, UK artist and stage designer, with Google’s Arts and Culture support, along with technologist Ross Goodwin

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