Volkswagen's eGon EV Skeleton Shows Us How It's Made

Volkswagen’s eGon EV Skeleton Shows Us How It’s Made


You can’t take Volkswagen’s eGon model on the highway, in spite of the fact that it’s perfectly functional, but you can definitely see how it all comes together as it’s moving along because the company used this particular vehicle as a stripped-down version of its electric vehicles.

And when I say stripped-down, I mean it – the car is showing it all, top to bottom as it features just the chassis, frame, wheels, seats and electrical components. No need for windows over here.

Volkswagen will introduce the eGon officially at the IdeenExpo this year, between June 15th and June 23rd, in Hannover, Germany. IdeenExpo is a youth-based science and technology showcase and Volkswagen hopes that the car’s appearance will stimulate interest for possible future recruits and engineering talents out there.

Projects like this encourage motivation among the vocational trainees,”
Christoph Görtz, Head of Vocational Training at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg has said about the eGon “Projects like this encourage motivation among the vocational trainees. They not only transfer training content, they also encourage trainees to take a high level of responsibility, to show initiative and to create something tangible of their own that they can be truly proud of.

The IdeenExpo visitors will also be able to scan the individual components of the car via QR codes attached next to them in order to learn what they are and what they do. Of course, vocational trainees will also be present, in case anyone has any questions.

For now, it’s unknown if Volkswagen will introduce the car anywhere else but the idea is solid, not just a publicity gimmick, and it might actually get more people interested in electric vehicles and make them think twice about combustion engines.

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