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This Volkswagen Office Chair Moves at 12MPH, Could Almost Teleport You To Work From Home

wolkswagen motorized office chair

What looks like a chair fit for a Starfleet captain is the newest fun project from Volkswagen, an office chair capable of moving at up to 12 mph.

With this chair, you could zoom your way home and work from there, if you’re one of the unlucky ones who had to go back to the office. It also has a swappable battery, so no commute would be out of the question.

According to the company, they built the Volkswagen office chair as a marketing exercise and hey, it worked, since we’re currently talking (and dreaming) about it.

“The one-of-a-kind chair was launched recently, after months of tedious work and testing. It has an estimated range of 12 km so office workers can breeze to and from both coffee machines and meetings throughout the day — and with a top speed of 20 km/h, users would have no problem being first in line for lunch.

The LED lights are the main feature of the chair’s exterior and give the recognizable Volkswagen look. Headlights were put in to brighten overtime evenings, and for the occasional office festivities, the chair is equipped with multi-colored Office Party Lights.

The chair even features a practical trunk in the back with 0.005 m3 of space. Perfect for things like a laptop, quarterly reports, and other documents relevant to an office job. More documents than the trunk can handle? No problem – the trailer hitch enables workers to drag them all around the office with ease.

It also has a rear-view camera, sensors on all sides, a seat heater, signal lights, a stereo, a storage trunk, and other things most people recognize from a commercial vehicle,” says the automaker in a cheeky press release.

The Volkswagen motorized office chair doesn’t seem like a product the company would actually risk launching but the good news is that some people will have a chance to try it.

Wolkswagen motorized office chair

The automaker says it will be available for test driving in various locations throughout Norway this winter.

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