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AI-Powered Algorithm Tracks Politicians’ TV Appearances In Real Time

Verso world leaders

Russians did their share for the Clinton/Trump presidential race by putting Verso to work. Verso is their AI-powered algorithm that can measure in real time how much did a political figure appear on screen. So, how did they do? #machinemagic

First of all, let’s see how Verso works. The service takes one screenshot of a selected number of TV channels every second. Then, it uses its face recognition algorithm to detect faces, even when they are blurry or from profile. Afterwards, these are processed through a computer vision algorithm to see if any of the targets appear in them.

Russian Ventures, the company behind the project, says that Verso can tell in milliseconds if it has a 99% match. Plus, all data is updated in real time on their site. 

Now, let’s see what Verso had to say after the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  You can clearly see the evolution of their presence on TV, which can prompt further analysis or several conclusions.

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