Air, The World’s First Social Media Keyboard, Brings People Together

air keyboard
photo credits: VentureBeat

If your iPhone is full of Social Media apps, but not one game or fitness program, then you’re definitely spending 90% of your time communicating with friends. You may not see it yet, but the time it takes to hashtag everything and mention everyone in your post could be spend twitching your photos or writing real content. Here’s where Air Keyboard from Bubbl comes in: it completes every Social Media action in half the time you’d do it.

Air Keyboard has the hashtags in its “sleeve”, recognizes friends from Instagram and Twitter and annotates images before posting online.   With just one tap, you’ll get the most common hashtags used so you don’t have to write them, letter by letter. Plus, it allows you to write more in Twitter, for example, where the post limit is 140 characters. Air Memo simply converts the longer text in an image and posts it on the social network, without asking your to live the platform.

Is it ever going to offer soemthing similar for messsaging? There are no plans for now, but it’s a good possibility. Unfortunately, you can install the keyboard only if you’re on iOS – sorry, Android users.

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