Airplane Seat Cameras Might Be Keeping An Eye On You In The Future


If you’ve grown tired of CCTV and other types of security cameras watching your every move then we’ve got some bad news for you, especially if you happen to fly a lot.

Recently, a Singapore Airlines passenger uncovered a small camera that was housed in the screen he was watching during a flight.

When Vitaly Kamluk, the passenger, took to Twitter to ask if anyone had any idea if what he was looking at was a camera or not, he actually received a reply directly from Singapore Airlines, who confirmed it.

Of course, people were quick to raise questions about the purpose of these cameras but the company was just as quick to reply that the devices had been disabled and posed no security risk to the passengers.

However, the replies that followed clearly showed that people were not convinced that was the case at all.

Of course, air travel is changing and with it, security will too. While we might not find the idea of being watched 24/7 very palatable, we might just have to accept it as the norm in the near future.

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