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Soon, Alexa Will Meet And Greet Toyota or Lexus Drivers

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Alexa is spreading her wings… and her message. Amazon’s voice assistant isn’t just up for helping users via home speakers, but also through glasses and cars. This year, Toyota and Lexus owners will be able to access Alexa on the go #automagic

Toyota is embracing the future in more ways than one. Besides showing off their EV car concept at CES 2018, the company stated that they were partnering up with Amazon to give Alexa in-vehicle access. We won’t have to wait long until it happens, either. Alexa will come to chosen vehicles from Toyota and Lexus that have the “Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0” this year.

They’re not planning to stop here, as you can imagine. If all goes well, the two businesses hope to make the smart assistant available to other models in 2019. “This feature will allow Toyota and Lexus customers in the United States to interact with Alexa in the car.”, added the spokesperson, not-so-subtly pointing out that only U.S. residents will be able to take advantage of the service at first.

Alexa is a pretty sure bet now; Amazon’s assistant has proven its value in the past years on the consumer electronics market. Plus, smart cars have been on everyone’s lips for a while now, what with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services.

As manufacturers are trying to built a smart ecosystem, where devices are interlinked and communicate with each other, do you feel more excited or reluctant about data sharing?

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