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No Need To Shazam! ACRCloud And DTS Can Recognize Radio Songs During Car Ride

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As much as you like the randomness of radio music, the always-changing playlist and order of songs, you can’t help but get frustrated sometimes. Stumbling upon a catchy song and not knowing who interprets it is a bummer. Once in a while, Shazam helps, but multitasking while driving is not only hard but also, irresponsible. So, DTS and ACRCloud decided to help you recognize radio songs on the road #automagic

DTS, an Xperi Corporation brand, has come up with a solution for those drivers who need just a bit more from their radio broadcasters. The company teamed up with ACRCloud, a Beijing-based company specialized in audio fingerprinting, to integrate their music recognition tech in the Connected Radio platform.

How can this help users? Well, you should know a couple of things first.

DTS Connected Radio platform works by taking over-the-air analog/digital AM/FM radio content (metadata such as artist and song title) and mixing it with IP-delivered content.

ACRCloud has the technology to identify characteristics of the audio, independently of metadata, file hashes or watermark and across file formats, codecs, bit rates and compression techniques. It takes only seconds for the process to be complete.

By combining the two, they’re hoping to offer a user-friendly, extensive music service in-vehicle that will make Shazam obsolete – at least, during the drive.

“We are thrilled to integrate ACRCloud’s music recognition service into DTS Connected Radio as another feature option for automotive OEMs to ensure that the best broadcast radio experience is occurring in the vehicle,” said Jeff Jury, general manager, automotive, Xperi. “The addition of ACRCloud to the DTS Connected Radio platform is another facet of our broad solution, creating a unique global radio solution for both consumers and car companies.”

Discovering new music on the road could get easier than ever before. How does that sound? 

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