Amazon Alexa Is Experiencing Intermittent Outages
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Amazon Alexa Is Experiencing Intermittent Outages


If you happened to use Alexa in the past hours, you might have noticed something has been off with it for about an entire day but you are definitely not the only one having problems with the voice assistant.

Numerous users on Twitter have stated that Alexa has been having connectivity issues that have become more widespread by the hour – when Alexa is given a command, it simply replies with  “Sorry, something went wrong”.

Others report that the hue lighting is not responding while the LIFX controls are fine and a number say that their Alexas have returned to being themselves. The problem seems to have mostly affected users from the United States.

According to Down Detector, users began experiencing this issue sometime around 7 AM PST and, while the problem seemed to have been solved for a while, it returned in full force quite quickly.

In addition, a few users report unfavorable experiences with the Amazon customer support who could not advise them how to deal with the situation in any other way than rebooting Alexa which, of course, did not make any difference.

For the time being, Amazon has not made any official statement concerning the issue.

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