Amazon Go To Open Second Store In Seattle This Fall

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Credit: Amazon Go

The Amazon Go store concept is pretty straightforward: scan the app before entering, put your shopping in your bag and then simply walk out the door. Facial recognition tech will ensure you will be charged for what you took and you will be charged into your app directly. That’s it.

The experimental store in Seattle was proved to be such a success that Amazon decided to open a second one, in the same city, this fall.

The new location is said to be twice as large as the first one, which measured 1,800 feet, whereas the second will be 3,000 square feet and it will be located downtown Seattle. It bares a lot of similar elements with the original store – entry-exit scanning gates and windows with the brand’s slogan “No lines. No checkout.(No, seriously)“.

The company also has plans of expanding into Chicago and San Francisco, though no other details about the future locations have been disclosed yet.

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