Amazon Internal TikTok Ban Was An ‘Error’

Friday, July the 10th, 2020, an internal email towards Amazon employes was sent, banning the use of TikTok on employee phones. According to the email, the use of the video streaming application received a prohibition status on all ll employee phones that can access Amazon email services. In the same email, Amazon notified all employees that have TikTok installed on their company-phones, to remove the app by Friday, or all email access restricted. 

The sales giant never cited a reason for the ban or even came up with a specific risk that the app is posing to the internal network. Some speculations about a potential TikTok US Ban fueled the conversation online, once the email leaked, and most of the narrative evolved around US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and his remarks about TikTok, ZTE and Huawei. Two companies that have experienced real consequences in the US after the Government imposed sanctions.

With tensions all over the globe, TikTok is in hot water with a lot of regulatory government systems and social movement, over its collection of background data from the user. Early this year, GOP Senators introduces a bill that bans TikTok from any Government Devices. And this made some believe that the Amazon TikTok ban was some way to protect company data over privacy concerns. The situation lasted until the evening, as Amazon released a statement on the matter, calming the spirits and stating that the ban was an error and TikTok, is not in the company scope for any reason, at this moment. 

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