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Amazon Smart Fridge, Filled with More Cameras than Groceries

The last place you’d expect to find cameras stocked is a fridge yet that’s exactly what Amazon plans to do with their first smart kitchen appliance.

Amazon intends to expand on the Amazon Go concept stores by bringing that tracking technology to the kitchen. More than groceries, their future smart fridge will be filled with cameras that will monitor what you have on hand and what you’re missing.

Then, Amazon’s smart fridge would notify you and help you seamlessly restock from their Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh places.

Alexa could also pop up, as the company loves involving their assistant in every product they create. She could actually offer recipe suggestions when “seeing” that your products are about to expire or there’s little of them left.

Samsung won’t be in charge of the creation of the fridge, per se. Instead, they will work with an electronic appliance maker.

It’s not a novel idea, by the way. At least, not all of it. Even if Amazon started working on it two years ago, Samsung had deployed a similar fridge before. In 2016, the company revealed a fridge capable of telling you what products you have left on a screen. It also allowed customers to order new items from the built-in touchscreen.

Amazon, however, plans to use their Alexa to notify you when it’s time to buy groceries and help you do so, through their services.

Of course, all that tech points towards a very steep price.

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Amazon Smart Fridge, Filled with More Cameras than Groceries
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