Amazon Wants You To Give Its Delivery Personnel Access To Your Garage


Amazon is doing its best to avoid you getting your packages stolen but all the security measures it takes may feel a little invasive: the company has just announced that its newest addition to the Amazon Key delivery service involves allowing delivery personnel into your garage.

The service is called Key for Garage and to take advantage of it, you will need a garage door opener that can connect to a Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub – bad news is that the entire setup will set you back around $200.

This device allows you, and by extension the delivery person, to access the door’s controls through a smartphone.

While the service will allow you to use an Amazon Cloud Cam to monitor the space, this feature is optional, unlike is the case with the Amazon Key program.

Overall, Amazon Key now offers three different services: Key for Home, which also includes the in-garage service, Key for Car and Key for Business, which allows delivery drivers to enter corporate properties via a key fob.

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