Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin Teases His Company’s New Bezel-less Smartphone

andy rubin smartphone

What has been Andy Rubin up to? Creating a new bezel-less smartphone. The Android co-founder has just teased the device on Twitter, generating buzz between Android enthusiasts #mobilemagic

Andy Rubin has left the Google empire in 2014 to lead startups that could change the world under his direction. Essential is one of them, focused on developing smartphones, tablets and mobile software. Now, the engineers have a prototype of an Android smartphone with almost no bezels from what we could spot in this teaser on Twitter:


The device has yet to be named. At this point, there’s barely anything to go on; Rubin hasn’t talked about specs or camera software. The device, though, bares a striking resemblance to the Mi Mix and that alone should guarantee its success. But that’s not the only ace in the sleeve of the company. On the contrary, probably the best thing they got going on is Rubin himself. Its reputation is a guarantee for flawless user experience. Plus, they’ve enlisted the help of Brian Wallace, former CMO of Magic Leap to lead efforts.  

Can this phone be the One, the iPhone killer? It’s too soon to tell, but if it’s going to be a mix of great, bezel-less design and Android performance, it might just convert some users.

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