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Elon Musk Launches Company That Can Merge The Human Brain With Computers

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With SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and other ventures, Elon Musk has his hands full. Yet, the billionaire entrepreneur just announced the launch of a new company invested in merging the human brain with machines #todaymagic

Musk has always been wary of the power artificial intelligence systems can get ahold of and use against humanity’s best interests. That’s why he created OpenAI, a not-for-profit AI research company that made sure its findings were available to the general public. Now, Musk is taking another safety measure by founding Neuralink, a company set to ensure humans don’t end up slaves to machines.

The engineers at Neuralink are focused on finding ways to augment the human brain and to make sure, in the long run, that we’re not inferior to AI. Their theory is that merging the human brain with software can help people keep up with the advancements made in machines.

This idea should take the form of a device that can be inserted in the brain and amp up our cognitive functions. At first, it would improve our memory but the possibilities are endless.

Other businessmen are treating the same threat in different ways; Bryan Johnson, founder of Braintree, believes neural prostheses can unlock our brain power and make the neural code programmable. This would translate into having the power of changing who we are for who we want to be.

One way or another, the evolution of artificial intelligence seems unavoidable. If all we can do is sit and watch one of the biggest threat to humanity unfold, then we’d better be prepared for the battle with more than just our fists.

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