Apple’s AirPods Studio Mistake and AirPods Pro’s Design Cause Delays

Apple’s AirPods Studio Mistake and AirPods Pro’s Shocking Design Cause Delays

Some of you might still remember that Apple’s made some big promises for us this year. Besides the new iPhone 12 series, mini HomePod, and what-not, we were supposed to get AirPods Studio, the first over-ear, pro headphones from Apple, by Apple. But they made a mistake and for that, we’ll be paying dearly.

Turns out they’ve been tinkering with the design so much that the production has stalled.  First, Apple decided to make the vanilla AirPods more alike the Pro but didn’t want people to mistake one for the other so they thought, well, we’ll change the Pro too! It seems that now, the standard AirPods will have interchangeable silicon tips and better battery life, while the AirPods Pro will ditch what made them notorious – the stem. 

Plus, they’ll be rounder, more compact and obviously, smaller too. Did Google get to them?? We’ll never know. Problem is, making more or less the same hardware fit a smaller body is no piece of cake. Apple got cocky and buyers will pay – with quite the delay. Rumor is the next AirPods will arrive next spring, someday in March 2021. 

What’s worse? The AirPods Studio that we were expecting this November are gonna have the same fate, too. A miscalculation threw the schedule off in this case – in test, the headband turned out to be too tight. By the way, there will be one standard headband as Apple has ditched the idea of swappable headbands. But the magnetic pads are changeable still and will be smaller than they initially envisioned.

The pair will be all leather and metal in two variants: sporty and luxury. The sporty model should set you back $350 but the luxury ones – beware – those will go for $600! 

That’s expensive, true, but if they set on a final design, the AirPods Studio should be a success. The features rumored, so far, are pretty eye-catching. We’re talking about active noise cancellation, a Transparency mode, and an app to dabble with your EQ but there are two things even sweeter!

Find out what I’m talking about in the video above!

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