Apple Closes US Stores Indefinitely

Apple Closes US Stores Indefinitely

Apple is taking new measures in keeping safety first when it comes to the spread of COVID-19. If previously, the company closed all stores outside China until March 27, it now extends the closure of US stores indefinitely, according to 9to5mac. However, the banner is not present in the UK or Australian sites.

The company recognizes the real danger of the COVID-19 and has also decided to supply $15 million to help with recovery efforts, and believes everyone can help things get better, in a way or another.

Also, the company will continue to pay its workers even though the stores will stay closed.

“In our workplaces and communities, we must do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted late Friday. 

The decision of closing Apple stores in the US was to be expected, as the virus has now spread to the US, and President Donald Trump had to declare a state of emergency. 

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