Apple Confirmed Over 50% of Its iPhone Factory Staff Is Temporary

Apple Confirmed Over 50% of Its iPhone Factory Staff Is Temporary

Apple has responded to a report by a campaign group which criticized working conditions at a factory where iPhones are made.

Some bad rumors rolled around Apple recently, conducted by a campaign group. The company was criticized about the working conditions from the factory iPhones are made.

Apparently, Foxconn workers were often hired temporarily were not well rewarded for their work, were not getting bonuses, and were often working overtime, according to a report

The issue is that, in a company, according to Chinese legislation, only 10% of the workforce can be temporary.

“We have confirmed all workers are being compensated appropriately, including any overtime wages and bonuses, all overtime work was voluntary and there was no evidence of forced labour,” Apple said in a statement.

China Labor Watch, the campaign group which conducted this confirmed that its investigators worked undercover in the factory in Zhengzhou. They were quick to identify that some of the employees hired ‘temporarily’ spend more than 4 years working in the factory.

The Giant was pretty elusive regarding the issue and just confirmed the fact that the number of temporary employees “exceeded standards”. They also mentioned the number of temporary staff exceed 50% of the staff in the factory, some of them being students.

“At no time did we find any evidence of forced labour and we can confirm that this facility currently has no interns working overtime,” they stated for AFP.

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