IFA 2019 Day 4: Mimi "Prescription Glasses" for Your Ears, Desserts in A Pod

IFA 2019 Day 4: Mimi “Prescription Glasses” for Your Ears, Desserts in A Pod

On our fourth day in Berlin, the weather started acting as it should’ve been here, for this time of the year. Translation: it started raining – well, it was more of a consistent drizzle that made us jump in the van with the cameras as soon as it pulled up to the hotel to take us to Messe. Relieved to be inside, we couldn’t wait to step into the halls, far from the raindrops and the cold. Yet, we did the exact opposite.

When we arrived at our meeting with the Mimi Hearing Technologies team, Andreas invited us to see their demo backstage. We expected to walk in a nice meeting room, warm and dry; instead, we were given umbrellas and he walked through the doors of the hall, outside.

Not sure what to expect we followed him, only to be met with the sight of a tour bus where Ziggy had spent some hours a while ago. We got in, more excited by the minuted, where Nick Clark, the co-founder of Mimi Hearing Technologies and Lorenzo Mandelli, the Managing Director, were waiting for us.

Seconds later, all our doubts were thrown out the window.

Nick, Chief Scientist and inventor, explained, in layman’s terms, how their hearing assessment gives any user of Mimi technology a Hearing ID which once integrated in products like TVs, smartphones, headphones or even airplane displays, can act like a pair of “prescription glasses”, correcting the way sound is perceived in the moment.

Sounds simple? The user experience definitely is, although the work behind it is anything but.

The creative process, the partnerships they have already locked in and more were the next items on the agenda and at the end of our too-short meeting, we felt enlightened and excited to spread the news (expect to see the interview this month, on our YouTube channel!).

The rest of our day was spent in Hall 26, where all the cool innovations were on display. Our next stop was Tigout, a company that just finished the work on their machine that uses “coffee” pods filled with dough to get desserts in minutes. They are convenient, do not require experience in the kitchen and can be easily used by kids.

In fact, coffee pods seemed to be #inspirationoftheday at these stands. Not too far away, we met the team from Capsulier, “the mess-free capsule maker”. A CES 2019 innovation award winner, Capsulier is all about refusing to conform to today’s market trends. While everyone is buying the coffee pods at their disposal, they suggest making your own coffee blend and then using it in the espresso machine.

They told us their capsules are eco-friendly, reusable, are compatible with two different espresso machines and are easy to clean up. These could make a unique present for someone dear, as long as you give it to them with your own crazy coffee or tea mix.

At the end of our fourth day here, despite the rough weather, we could honestly say that when you are having fun, work turns into play.

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