Mimi Technologies Tunes Your Devices' Audio to Your Hearing

Mimi Tunes Your Devices’ Audio to Your Hearing

Most interviews happen in neutral meeting rooms or at standing desks. We met the Mimi Hearing Technologies team in a tour bus and spent the following hour listening to the fascinating process of tuning the audio of devices to every user’s unique hearing ID.

Nick, Chief Scientist and inventor at Mimi Hearing Technologies, told us how they conducted over 1.5 million hearing tests to come up with a hearing assessment that is focused on not just how clear you can hear one sound but how good you are at hearing competing sounds.

Afterwards, the test results – via mobile app – can configure a Hearing ID. That hearing ID can be integrated in different consumer electronics with speakers, acting like a pair of prescription glasses for your ears, correcting the way sound is perceived.

Lorenzo Mandelli, the Managing Director of Mimi Hearing Technologies, expanded on that, highlighting the benefits of such a technology, whether it can be used by a group and what are their next plans.

Hit play to see the entire interview!

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