Make Your Own Nespresso Coffee Pods With This Device

Make Your Own Nespresso Coffee Pods With This Device

If you’re like me, you depend on an espresso machine. Probably one with coffee pods – what can be easier than popping one in and getting a steamy cup of coffee out? The only problem is the selection can be quite limited or you may find a ground coffee sortiment to die for – not in capsule form. What to do then? Get a device that turns any type of coffee in a pod – instantly.

Capsulier is the company that came out with this interesting concept. It has manufactured a machine that takes your bag(s) of ground coffee and turns it into coffee pods. Or any mixture of ground tea leaves you have around.

By simply pushing down a lever, you seal the capsule resulted and then use it into your Nespresso or Keurig type of machine. Want to gift one to your friends this holiday season? You can find it already on Amazon!

Because all capsules are made from stainless steel, not single use aluminum, they’re endlessly refillable and reusable. Once you’re done with the pod, you can just rinse it to use it again.

You can find the capsules for sale on Amazon here.

They have even worked on a model that not only seals the capsules but grinds the coffee beforehand, automatically.

See the 2020 machine in our exclusive video with Capsulier at IFA this year!

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