Apple Could Soon Allow Users To Unsend iMessages

Apple Could Soon Allow Users To Unsend iMessages

Image: AppleInsider

Rumor has it Apple is working on new features for iMessage, to be released with the new iOS 14. One of the most useful updates will let users delete sent messages for both the sender and recipient from the conversation thread. This new feature will come in handy if you instantly regret tapping ‘send’ when texting your crush.

At the moment, iMessage only lets you delete messages on your own screen but not on the recipients’ side. After the message gets retracted, a fine print remains visible to both the sender and the recipient indicating that a message has been removed.

Allegedly, this is not the only feature Apple is testing, users will also be able to tag or mention people form contacts using @. The tagged individual will then be alerted, even if they disabled alerts for the specific chat thread.

A “/me” command allowing you to share custom status updates inside the chat thread, is also something Apple is working on. All these new updates to the Message app makes it look a lot like Slack and Skype.

All of this is just at the rumor stage, but we will probably find out more at the next WWDC developer summit if this one doesn’t get canceled by the coronavirus too.

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