Apple Hits $1.5 Trillion in Market Value, First US Company to Do So

Apple Hits $1.5 Trillion in Market Value, First US Company to Do So


Just as leaks started about WWDC 2020, Apple’s first digital-only major event, the company’s market capitalization reached new heights.

Apple reached and surpassed the $1.5 trillion mark, the first US to do so, on June 10.

Since then, it has hovered at around $1.48 and $1.49 trillion but, considering WWDC happens next week, we could be seeing it going up again.

apple market cap june 2020

Apple reached a $1 trillion market cap back in October 2019 and steadily grew since, with one notable dip beginning March and going through April, as the coronavirus pandemic sent economic ripples across all sectors.

An Apple share price is now $342, showing investor confidence in the company even as the economy is still shuddering from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, which forced some of its major suppliers like Foxconn to close doors temporarily.

apple share price june 2020

In January, an Apple share was around $300 and a more than 10% increase in 6 months is an impressive feat indeed.

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