Persona 4 Golden Port Released, Developed By Persona Team

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If you haven’t heard, Persona 4 Golden has launched on Steam! This is news in its own right, but new developments make its release even more exciting.

Before this Steam release, the Persona mainline series have been remained exclusive to the PlayStation. When Atlus released Catherine Classic on Steam and Catherine: Full Body on Switch, it was a sign that the company was willing to experiment with other platforms. Given Catherine’s relatively limited environments and gameplay, it is likely easier to port than some of the developer’s larger in scope JRPGs.

However, Persona 4 Golden’s port differs from the Catherine port on Steam in a significant way. According to Persona Central, the team responsible for the Catherine port was led in part by the Australian studio The Eccentric Ape and by Sega Europe. On the other hand, “the creative direction [of Persona 4 Golden] was primarily Atlus Japan’s, and specifically members of the Persona Team.”   

Although it makes sense that Atlus would employ more of their central team in porting Persona 4 Golden than Catherine, it also shows that the company is willing to put in the resources to making a strong port. With Persona 4 Golden currently holding an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam and maintaining its position at the top of the Top Sellers list since it released on Saturday, it is becoming more hopeful that Atlus will port over more of its games to new generation consoles. Getting the older Persona and Shin Megami Tensei games on different consoles would greatly expand access to the plethora of excellent titles within Atlus’s catalogue.

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