Apple MagSafe Comes With Great Charging Feature

Apple MagSafe battery is out! The long-awaited magnetically-attachable battery can already be purchased from the Apple website which is why buyers could already upload real pics of it. Besides giving us an idea of how chunky MagSafe really is, we found out more about the magnet’s strength and one great charging feature.

It looks like MagSafe is a sturdy one, made out of hard plastic and connected to the iPhone via a strong magnet. “I can see where this would be an issue with leather cases & the circular imprint.” Steven Russel noted.

Apple releases iOS 14.7 With MagSafe Battery Pack Support

That said, you should know MagSafe is able to send 15W of power to an iPhone while connected to a 20W or higher power adapter and just 5W wirelessly. It will also work with the AirPods case but not the Apple Watch, unfortunately. The pack is 11mm thick and weighs around 114grams.

While the MagSafe pack can’t be charged with a connector or pad, it can get its juice from the… iPhone itself. Yes, the great thing about it is that it comes with reverse charging. In iOS 14.7, your iPhone will show the MagSafe icon and the battery status.

The MagSafe battery costs $99 and can be ordered right now with an estimated shipping date of late July.

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Apple MagSafe Comes With Great Charging Feature
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