Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: This Is What You’ll Love About It

Samsung wants to raise the bar when it comes to Galaxy Watches this summer. Here is everything you’ll absolutely love about the Galaxy Watch 4.

Now, we’re talking about a reimagined smartwatch from the inside out. The external updates will be the easiest to see; two models will be unveiled during the same event. A Classic watch that will be a bit more elegant, appropriate for the office, and that hopes to replace your traditional wristwatch.

This one will be followed by a vanilla model which is simply going to be called the Watch 4. The latter veers toward those who are looking to get a fitness band and a watch into one. You’re going to be looking at the Active watch of last year but having dropped the name this time. 

If screen size matters for you, you will want to go for the Classic version. That one comes in a 46mm version, while the Watch 4 goes up to 44mm. 

Plus, only the Classic is expected to have a physical, rotating bezel. The vanilla model is gonna get by with a virtual one. Also, the Classic will go for more muted colors, neutrals, while the Watch 4 should come out in more vibrant nuances. 

That was the warm-up – these are the things that will actually convince you to give it a second look.

Play Store and One UI: All-You-Can-Download App Buffet

The all-you-can-download buffet is the result of a partnership between Samsung and Google. By creating One UI, they replaced Tizen and have given Galaxy smartwatch owners access to all the Google apps compatible with smartwatches. 

You’ll love to see all the phone apps that have watch counterparts being downloaded instantly on the Watch 4, not like before. Remember when you had to manually install them?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Double the Storage and an Improved Chip

This decision also had an impact on the storage the watches are coming with. Samsung is said to have put 16GB of storage on their 2021 watches. Due to the extra room, users can download more apps than before.

As for the chip, while I don’t have the behind-the-scenes on it, I do know it’s a 5nm chip. That is definitely an improvement over the previous one so the Watch 4 should be more performant and more energy efficient. Speaking of performance, I heard we’re also going to get a memory upgrade so this watch should be the smoothest one yet from Samsung.

Galaxy Watch 4: Glucometer and BIA

While most smartwatch makers are refining their sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, maybe adding 5 or 10 activities to the ones already being monitored, Samsung is putting medical accessories on your wrist. 

For example, a glucometer to measure your blood sugar. And a smart bathroom scale of sorts. You get to see your progress when it comes to muscle mass and body fat thanks to the addition of a BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor.) I don’t know about you, by I’m getting quite sci-fi, galactic vibes from this watch.

Of course, all the health features you loved on the previous watches are coming back. Trip detection, ECG, oxygen saturation monitoring, VO2 Max are in! Those bad boys coming from Samsung’s labs will still feature GPS, water resistance and have support for 40 different activities. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Active: Design, Features, Price, One UI, and Release Date

Galaxy Watch 4 LTE Version Is In!

Will you be able to use it without your phone around? Since running with your phone isn’t any fun? Absolutely! There will be an LTE version coming out. 

My only hope is we’ll get enough daily juice for how many things are running on this watch. Word is, Samsung is going to keep the battery at 340mAh. 

Galaxy Watch 4: Amazing Price

How much will the Watch 4, Classic, and vanilla cost? Well, the Classic will go for much more than the vanilla, that’s for sure. I would expect the smartwatches to start at $400 but there was a Twitter leak that made me reconsider my theory. According to Evan Blass, the Classic will start at 379 euros so about $449.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 should be unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event which will take place on August 11.

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