Apple May Not Add New Costs For It Upcoming 5G iPhone

Apple May Not Add New Costs For It Upcoming 5G iPhone

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We all expect any upcoming iPhone to feature a high price, there’s no secret in that. The company is known for integrating the latest technology developments like 5G – which are also pricey – of course.

According to a prediction made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release its first 5G iPhone by 2020, and even though this integrates pricey components, the company will make sure to keep costs at a minimum. The additional 5G features imply a cost of production between $30 to $100.

If we’re in a hurry to approximate the cost of the next iPhone, judging by the fact that there will be no extra costs, then we’re heading towards the price of the last model, iPhone 11, which is between $1,000, and $1,450. If the new phone will benefit from 5G at the same price that an iPhone without 5G would have, it seems a little too big to be true.

More interestingly, there is also a new design on the table that will recall the iPhone, with a metal frame.

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