Spotify Might Soon Recommend Podcast Shows

Spotify Might Soon Recommend Podcast Shows


In its attempt to encourage people to listen to podcasts, Spotify came up with an engaging solution – a button on free users’ homepages requesting users to select their interests and preferences in order to further recommend them podcasts fit for them.

The company believes customers would gain interest in this type of content if they would be triggered to act easily. This feature is currently set for people in the US, Denmark, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Ireland, and New Zealand who have never listened to a podcast on Spotify before. Also, topics will be various, depending on users and countries they are from, or popularity.

For a while, Spotify wanted to have an automated, customized podcast playlist that would help users find shows fit for their preferences and interests and the new button is just the right thing. 

Last year, the company acquired Gimlet Media, Parcast, and Anchor, and is looking forward to creating exclusive shows.

For now, identifying less daunting shows fit on users’ interest is a big first step. The company mention Spotify will come up with recommendations programs across networks, not just exclusive shows.

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