The Next-Gen Console from Microsoft Is Xbox Series X… and It Looks Like A PC
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The Next-Gen Console from Microsoft Is Xbox Series X… and It Looks Like A PC

Meet the Xbox Series X, the official name for the next-gen console that was known so far as Project Scarlett.


Don’t worry, most everyone was.

The first impression you get from the Xbox Series X is that you’re looking at a PC, albeit a very classy, minimalist one. 

Bygone are the design frills of the consoles of yore, now it’s all about the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2001 space odissey monolith gif

The Xbox Series X is a slate gray monolith that’s as wide as an Xbox One controller and about three times as tall, with a vent-covered top that could be lighted or painted (details unclear as of now).

But let’s move beyond the shallow stuff and focus on what matters.

The Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with all previous Xbox models. 

That means all your library of existing games will work on this console, which is an incredible and unexpected feature.

The next-gen Xbox was unveiled at The Game Awards in a trailer that featured Master Chief from the Halo series, a red sports car that probably teases a new Forza game and a soccer match.

To really up the hype factor, Microsoft also announced that the first Xbox Series X exclusivity will be Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga, the follow-up to an acclaimed game from a couple of years back.


Alongside the new console also comes a redesigned controller that Microsoft says will be much more accessible to a wide variety of gamers.

Smack dab in the middle of it, you’ll notice there’s a new button and its use is not that surprising.

xbox series x new controller share button

The central button on the new Xbox controller is, of course, a “Share” button, letting you quickly capture screenshots and plays to show off to your friends.

Coming back to the Xbox Series X form factor, Microsoft anticipated some worry, and followed the Game Awards unveiling with a press release designed to put your mind at ease.

Yes, the Xbox Series X “supports both vertical and horizontal orientation”.

The console will be launched next year, in time for the holiday season, so you have some time to save up.

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