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Now You Can Make Apple Payments Through PayPal

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Apple has finally “caved in”. The Cupertino giant added PayPal as a method of payment for App Store and other Apple services #mobilemagic

From now on, you’ll have an extra method of payment in App Store, iTunes Store, iBookstore and Apple Music. If you don’t want to attach a credit card to your account and you’re out of gift cards, you’ll be able to still purchase items by adding your PayPal account. Apps, music albums, movies will be up for the grabs through this service.

All Apple users have to do is access their account from iTunes. From that point, go to “Payment Information” and select the PayPal option. You’ll be asked to authenticate so that Apple has access to your PayPal account and… ta-da, you’re done! The whole process is pretty straightforward and takes just a couple of minutes, encouraging more users to make purchases and enjoy premium content.

However, not all Apple users will be able to benefit from the option at this point. The option is available in select countries for now: Canada, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. The rest of Apple users (including those residing in U.S.) will have to wait a little bit longer to renew their Music subscription or pay for iCloud Storage plans.

Until this month, Apple let its users make payments only via bank card or gift card.


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