Apple Takes Another Jab At Facebook In New Privacy Ad

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Apple’s war on privacy escalades, as another memorable ad hit the internet, taking jabs at other companies for misusing or collecting user data. 

In a recent Facebook blog post about how Facebook sees the new iOS 13 update, the social media platform detailed a way to bypass software changes made by Apple and Google regarding location data. The new iOS 13 update will provide a pop-up tab that notifies users about how many times an individual application has used background location over.

This information can be used in a variety of ways, from targeted advertising, to map collection. In general, an iOS or Android device collects around 10 to 15 MB of data about you and your activities on your phone once a day.

“Your Android or iOS location settings allow you to control when you share your device’s precise location with apps like Facebook. That’s why we’re letting you know that Android and iOS have released new versions of their operating systems, which include updates to how you can view and manage your location.” 

This is not something new for Apple, the company being a long time supporter of privacy, listing privacy as a fundamental human right on its site. The add reaffirms the Cupertino company commitment, with a man that is narrating it’s browsing history on a public train, most of the ad focusing on how people share personal information without knowing it. 

With the tagline: Some things shouldn’t be shared, the ad ends on a T-Mobile logo and a stylized Apple logo that resembles a lock. In a way, the add takes some shots at Google and Facebook for selling information for targeted ads and search content across the internet, which is how Google products work. Until the new iOS 13 rolls-out, and users can see what the new privacy policy works, most of the ads are marketing and PR speak. 

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