Apple Registers New Macs and iPad But Will Likely Not Release Anything This Summer
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Is Apple Releasing New Macs and iPads This Summer?

Credit: Michael Gaida

Apple is not really upfront about new product announcements, keeping them secret for as long as possible. By now, we know new mobile phones are revealed in fall, but there’s a rumor this year about a summer release.

9to5Mac has mentioned on Thursday that Apple has handed over paperwork for five new iPads and five new Mac builds to the Eurasian Economic Union executive body.

It would not be like Apple to reveal anything so early on, at least not something this big, considering their announcements during this time of the year mostly concern updates.

The paperwork seems to be suggesting that the iPads run iOS 11 while the Macs run macOS 10.13. Keep in mind that iOS 12 is supposed to arrive this fall alongside the macOS Mojave, so it wouldn’t really make much sense for Apple to release something now that runs on older software.

At the same time, Apple filed trademarks for a few of its other products (like the iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 1 and AirPods for example) mere weeks before their reveal, so while this looks strange, we can’t rule it out.

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