Apple To Launch Clear iPhone XR Case For $40

Apple To Launch Clear iPhone XR Case For $40

Credit: Apple

The iPhone XR will be up for pre-order in a week and once the device will become more widely available, the users will have the option to purchase a clear case for it, sold by Apple. The case was first spotted by Twitter user @ivanincanada in an iPhone XR press release that mentions a clear iPhone case will be sold in Canada, among other countries, priced $55 CAD, which translates to around $40 USD, after conversion.

The iPhone XR will come in white, black, blue, coral, yellow and (PRODUCT)RED color variants and they will all feature glass bodies with matching aluminum frames. Since there’s so many colorful additions to the iPhone lineup, Apple would understandably want people to show them off, so what better way than with a see-through case.

The images don’t show the front of the case but it does appear that it will have a gap at the bottom, probably to allow access to the Lightning port and other swipe-up gestures which are crucial for easy iOS navigation on the newest Apple flagship phones.

At the moment, Apple has not commented anything about why the case is not mentioned in the U.S press release but we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything.

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