Apple Watch 4 Is At It Again: ECG Feature Saves Another Life
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Apple Watch 4 Is At It Again: ECG Feature Saves Another Life


The Apple Watch 4 launched with an ECG monitoring feature and, even though it was not available outside the U.S at the time, the device quickly became famous thanks to the growing number of users who stated that the watch made them pay attention to heart conditions they had no idea they even had in the first place.

The feature finally rolled out to Europe recently, after Apple managed to secure the proper permissions and, by all accounts, it saved another person’s life.

An Apple Watch 4 user from Germany, who had been convinced that the feature was something only hypochondriacs would pay attention to, was proven wrong when the device alerted him about a potential atrial fibrillation. He looked at the result with disbelief and even a physician friend told him that the alert was probably an error. Even so, the man chose to visit his personal doctor, just in case, as the alerts were constant.

He took a 12-channel ECG at his request and the results proved that the Apple Watch 4 had been right. The doctor prescribed beta blockers to the customers, a common treatment for AFib, and the man did admit that he now sees the ECG feature discussion “with different eyes”.

Apple has a number of studies that back up the smartwatch and, with every new feature that the company adds to the device, it looks like soon enough we’ll stop thinking of it as just a fitness tracker or another techy device to play with.

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