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Apple Watch EKG Reader Gets FDA Clearance

kardiaband apple ekg

The first medical accessory for Apple Watch got FDA approval. KardiaBand from AliveCor is an EKG reader at the user’s wrist #objectmagic

After a lengthy evaluation of two years, AliveCor’s wearable accessory for Apple Watch received approval from the Food and Drug Administration. This is a huge breakthrough for the industry of medical-grade accessory meant to be used as wearables.

KardiaBand comes with a sensor that, when touched for about 30 seconds, can relay an accurate heart rate reading, allowing doctors to emit a diagnosis. Electrocardiogram (EKG) technology is used by doctors to determine unusual heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation. Such a reading can reveal palpitations, irregular heart rate and shortness of breath, symptoms that can sometime point to an impending stroke.

By putting this technology at the disposal of any Apple Watch owner, anywhere at any time, it eliminates the risk associated with delayed medical consultations. As you know, Apple Watch can do a heart read thanks to its optical sensor, but that is not near as accurate as an actual EKG.

Plus, as Vic Gundotra, CEO of AliveCor and ex-Google SVP of engineering, pointed out “Apple might be able to say ‘oh your heart rate is high’ …but what does that mean? Does that mean you should go to the hospital? And if you go to the hospital what are they going to do?. Any doctor will say ‘ok come in, let’s get an EKG reading.”

If you’re concerned about the state of your health and especially, your heart, you can check out the accessory right now. KardiaBand is available for $199 and offers a $99/year KardiaGuard membership to unlock monthly EKG reports.

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